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IMAN Plastic & Minral Water (P) Ltd. is the brainchild of Mr. Adnan. Their shared values are commitment to excellence and a positive culture. They have made Plastic Bottle And Purify the Water, today- an icon of Purity, Freshness and Vitality. Reaching for the future

Chairman’s Message

IMAN Plastic & Mineral Water Company was started as a small supplier of Iman Blue drinking water in the year 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan. IMAN Mineral Water Trading has, over the years, expanded the business by opening other Branch in Islamabad,Sahiwal, Faislabad, and got owned the Water Factory in Lahore. IMAN Blue has established itself as a credible and reliable company that caters to reputable local and internationally-owned corporation

Our Vision

Our Mission

Quality is Never Accidental

Our Products

IMAN Primer Water is a leading company in Pakistan.We provide high quality purified mineral water to our customer.There are two factories of iman primer water, our in lahore and another in islamabad

Iman Plastic is an another specialized bottle company that distributes high quality plastic bottle and can bottle. It manufactured different Sizes and 50 stylish designed bottle. There are two factories of iman plasti ,one in lahore and another in islamabad.


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CEO: Adnan Qaisar

Office # : 04237725591

Phone # : 03008325590

Email: eng.daubai@yahoo.com

Al-Baddar Plaza Near Ravi Chargha Azadi Chowk Lahore